Shannon-Mclaughlin Families


The Shannon and McLaughlin Families

John Shannon and his wife Margaret McLaughlin have very similar family histories, with their earliest roots are in Ulster (Northern Ireland) in the late 1600s, and Scotland before that.  We can infer the origination in Scotland because on both sides of their families (John Shannon and his wife Margaret McLaughlin) they were the descendants of Covenanters,  a sort of Puritanical Presbyterian sect which was formed in Scotland to fight religious interference from the Catholics.

Our earliest Shannon ancestors in America were Isaac Shannon and his wife Jane Porter who were both born in the 1760‘s in Ulster.  They emigrated to Pennsylvania just after the Revolutionary War.   Isaac and Jane were John Shannon’s grandparents on his father’s side.  On John’s mother’s side, his grandparents were Moses Thompson and Catherine McGuire, also from Ulster, who arrived in Pennsylvania about five years later. 

Margaret McLaughlin’s father, George McLaughlin, was born in Belfast in 1793, and arrived in Pennsylvania later than the others, around 1810, where he married Margaret’s mother.  Margaret’s grandparents on her mother’s side, John McCluggage and Eleanor Leech, were both born in county Antrim in Ulster, and settled in Pennsylvania about 1800.

All of these families moved to Ohio when the territory was opened, and settled in Coshocton and Holmes counties in the early 1800s, where both John Shannon and Margaret McLaughlin were born.  


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