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Summary of the Emigration of the Dingus Family in Kansas

The family's earliest roots are in Switzerland in the 1600s, which then merged with family in Germany. Our earliest ancestors in America first came to Pennsylvania in the early-to-mid-1700s, certainly before the revolutionary war. 

At the point of Philip Dingus, the first with the family name to be born in America, the family line became half Irish through his marriage to Nancy McConnell, born in Pennsylvania with roots in Northern Ireland.  The next generation seemed to incorporate many with roots in England.  And, of course, there have been many and diversified marriages since then.

Philip and Nancy had their first three children while in Pennsylvania, and then they moved on to Virginia, where eight more children were born, one of whom was Henry Schnee Dingus. 

The first three of Henry Schnee's children (including Hiram Jasper Dingus) were born in Scott County, Virginia, while another five were born in Franklin County, Missouri as the family moved west. 

Hiram Jasper took a job hauling supplies for the government, between Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and Fort Scott, Kansas, and eventually settled down in Fort Scott in the mid-1800s.  From there, he built a cabin near Mound City, Kansas, and that is where his children were born. 

Today, the majority of the Dingus line still live in Virginia, with the second largest branch in Kansas and a few still in Missouri, and another family branch in Washington.


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